HP Z820 Workstation in VFX & 3D Modeling

VFX & 3D Modeling

HP Z820 Workstation
HP Z820 Workstation - Autodesk Maya

HP Z820 in VFX & 3D Modeling Unparalleled Performance

To make the biggest blockbuster hit you need the best that VFX and post-production has to offer. The big question becomes how do you run these “boss-mode” software’s? The answer is simple, HP Z820 workstation. When DreamWorks wanted to make sure they had the best hardware to make their biggest CGI movies they relied on non-other than HP and their full line of Enterprise equipment to make their projects happen.

Top Performer in Film Production

Every artist works on their HP Z series professional workstations and the Z820 is the flagship of them. Making full length feature films is a tall order to fill so using hardware that cuts the draw and render time down is a no brainer.

HP Z820 Workstation - Autodesk FLAME

HP Z820 is a Rendering Powerhouse

When your software can utilize the multi-core power of Dual Intel Xeon V2 processors is what will make the Z820 workstation out shine the competition. This coupled with support for 2 professional grade GPU’s from NVIDIA running in SLI configuration will give you performance that will keep you on your toes. Imagine taking a resource that would normally render in 39 minutes and reducing that time to 18 minutes. That will make your imagination into reality with one of the best professional workstations on the market.

HP Z820 is Reliable

Reliability is another essential function of any computer in the hands of a post-production company or individual VFX artist. When your system is down no work gets done and that equates to money lost. The HP Z820 is designed to run all day every day without rest so you can get the most out of your hardware and keep projects moving on schedule. For high-performance CPU’s the Z820 also has no maintenance liquid cooling available to ensure the best performance at all times. The chassis also comes with multiple air baffles’ to direct the flow of air for maximum heat dispersion within the system and has built-in fans to provide additional cooling on target areas such as the memory slots.

Technology in You Hands

HP pulled out all of their tricks when bringing this workstation to life. From partnering with BMW Designs to make a tower that looks amazing and provides terrific functionality to obtaining the recognition of some of the biggest names in CGI movie production as their sole source of technology to work on is what makes this system the go to choice for production people all over the world.

Work with RED and 4K Videos?

Do you work on nothing but 4K (or above) in your environment? That’s right in line with the environments that the Z820 was designed for. Even RED Digital Cinema contacted HP directly to have them use their system and create a configuration that supports a full scale RED feed straight out of the box. Overall, the Z820 combines both beauty and the beast into a single chassis to give you optimal performance while you’re making the next big it.

Z820 R-Series

Z820 GT-Series

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