HP Z820 in Graphic Design

Graphic Design

HP Z820 Workstation
HP Z820 Workstation - Adobe Creative Suite

HP Z820 in Graphic Design Unparalleled Performance

Graphic Design is all about attention to detail. Every reflection, every hairline, and every moment matters. This is why the HP Z820 workstation will back you up on your work every time. It supports high-end NVIDIA Quadro graphics which provide the highest quality display for every pixel and shade. When coupled with 4K monitors you will be pleased with the results. Multi-display support at 4K is also available with this combination of workstation and professional graphics which will make any desktop setup look like something from a sci-fi show.

Top Performer in Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite will also allow for you to work with all devices without the limitations of a desk so whether you’re in a park studying nature or sitting at a bus stop and see an inspiring view, you got the tools to design and capture that moment.

HP Z820 nVidia Quadro K6000 GPU

HP Z820 is Unbeatable

Some of the defining features of graphic designs include vector illustration and page layout formatting such as with Illustrator. With new suites coming out regularly it’s important to have hardware utilizing the latest technologies so that you’re able to compete in an ever evolving industry. From pattern fills to special effects, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite can make your next job look fantastic but with every action executed by the user your system will have a lot of work to process.

Along with new types of ‘quality of life’ features, Adobe Illustrator now supports zoom magnification up to 64,000%! With that kind of zoom function you’ll want high quality rendering and displays to get the best result for your work with the HP Z820 Workstation. This feature also makes good use of any GPU in your system by rewriting the art types to have them rendered by the graphic processor itself instead of the CPU.

HP Z820 is Pure Power

The ease of use with new software from major name brands like Adobe and Corel is an ever evolving process and new features will also be sure to develop as the industry grows so why shouldn’t your hardware also stay in line with today’s technology? Unless you’ve already dealt with projects that scale dynamically, it can be hard to understand the difference it makes to run on the latest GPU until you take a billboard sized canvas and zoom in 60,000% to see if the blending of layers is visible from what will be the consumers’ point of view.

Whether your software of choice is Adobe, Corel, or a “free download”, a professional workstation protects your business with the necessary hardware to pick out any flaws before it reaches the final print. In a world where every detail matters be sure to dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s” with the HP Z820 workstation.

Z820 R-Series

Z820 GT-Series

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