HP Z820 Workstation in Engineering


HP Z820 Workstation
HP Z820 Workstation in Autodesk Autocad 2016

HP Z820 in Engineering Unparalleled Performance

One thing to consider is all of that virtual data comes at a heavy cost in the form of calculations through real-world physics. With the help of the HP Z820 professional workstation you’ll be able to smoothly design, test, and put your ideas into production while saving time and money.

Top Performer in Autocad & Solidworks

Virtual design is one of the greatest things that happened for inventors, architects, and mechanical engineers since the pencil. Thanks to today’s software we can create and test products in a virtual environment before the prototype is even made. One such software, SolidWorks, does just that.

HP Z820 Workstation in Solidworks 3D CAD

HP Z820 is a Pure Leader in CAD

Imagine if you had to design a car and build the prototype just to test if the aerodynamic efficiency was sufficient for your standards. Or how about testing the lifespan of the mechanical motor of a pacemaker? Doing these with real materials can be very costly and require exorbitant amounts of time. By using the latest in 3D CAD software you can design and test materials with virtual environments so you can see which model has the best results and then proceed to make a prototype of the winner.

High Performance Under Any Workloads

You can also perform accelerated testing to turn a month long test cycle into only a few moments. Even something as simple as a mechanical hinge has many factors to consider regarding production cost, lifetime of the product, and materials for construction. Changing and compiling of the different scenarios can be taxing on your hardware but the HP Z820 is designed for heavy loads running all of the time. Breaks are for consumer grade computers, HP’s professional workstations break in between clicks and keep on going as long as your coffee supply keeps you going.

HP Z820 is a Champion in 3D

When developing ideas in 3D creativity is a key component to innovating and improving on a design. Imagine trying to implement an idea in the spur of the moment only to deal with lag and framerate issues due to insufficient hardware. This would be like the dreaded ‘brick wall’ that body builders deal with where you hit a ‘lag wall’ and the idea you had just crumbles under the “weight” of waiting for the program to respond. The Z820 supports the latest in GPU and Intel Xeon technology to keep these blocks from occurring. NVIDIA’s Quadro K6000 pushes 12GB of GDDR5 on a 384-bit interface making for a 288GB/s bandwidth. With that kind of GPU power coupled with Dual 12 Core CPU’s it will be hard pressed to find those walls that would otherwise cripple any other computer. Don’t think that these GPU’s are just for show though. 2880 CUDA Cores on the K6000 will make physics equations running in real time through simulations seem like basic addition to an MIT graduate.

Z820 is Super Scalable For Any Industry

With workstation technology pushing the boundaries of what you thought a desktop computer could do it’s a good time to see how the HP Z820 can add some serious firepower to your arsenal. It has a sleek design using brushed aluminum panels to not only look good but also provide additional thermal dissipation, easy access USB 3.0 ports on the front of the chassis, grip handles on the top to make for easy handling and massive storage space for your desktop environment. Whether you work in Aerospace, Engineering, Geological, Architectural, Energy, or Medical the Z820 workstation can improve work efficiency and provide the most room for your work to grow in a single system.

Z820 R-Series

Z820 GT-Series

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