HP Z820 Workstation - AVID Certified

AVID Certified

HP Z820 Workstation
HP Z820 Workstation - AVID Film VFX

HP Z820 AVID Certified Unparalleled Performance

AVID is one of the biggest names in the world of media. With a full range of software suites to handle every aspect of media management you can expect to run into a lot of system requirements to meet. The Z820 professional workstation is made to meet and exceed those requirements for their respective software suites. By utilizing SLI technology along with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards you’ll be obtaining the highest quality in graphics hardware so your business will have all the tools necessary to succeed.

Top Performer in AVID Environment

The Z820 workstation is not only built on the tried and true NVIDIA technology but also utilizes the best that Intel Xeon’s E5-2600 V2 processor series has to offer. With up to 12 Cores / 24 Threads in a single CPU and the capability to support 2 of them you will have a colossal amount of compute power to make play-time out of what use to be render-time.

HP Z820 - AVID Workstation

HP Z820 is a Pure Leader in AVID

AVID’s software suite is an all-encompassing platform. It will take your idea from inception to market and beyond, all under a single brand of software. Whether you’re a music professional or a graphic designer they have software to fulfill your industry’s needs. Even social media management is easily taken care of through their Social Media Hub module. The greatest thing about AVID is how widespread the technology goes for and seamlessly at that. Since their software ranges from all aspects of video and audio production technology it’s no wonder that if you ever wanted to expand your business that they have just the thing you need to handle the digital aspect of that process.

HP Z820 is a Champion in Post-Production

The only thing you’ll need is the hardware to operate their technology on. AVID certified technology means that you’ll have the hardware requirements covered before you ever need to worry about that. Our Z820 workstation will allow you to move through the media suites with ease and make products that will shape the future of entertainment.

Z820 R-Series

Z820 GT-Series

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